Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Favourite expat views

We all know the feeling we get when we see one of our favourite views. It’s a sense of contentment, excitement and overwhelming beauty that is difficult to put into words. What’s even more interesting is that this feeling can be evoked by a whole range of stuff. For some it may be a spectacular landscape such as Victoria’s (Australia) twelve apostles, whilst for others it may be a sight that brings back memories of home or child hood memories. As our friends at Brits n’Bobs discuss, one of their personal favourites is the view whilst coming into land in England.

Source: Slord The twelve apostles are a fantastically beautiful land/sea scape

Indeed images and photographs are a great way of making a new house feel like home and can play a real role in stopping those expat blues. Whats more, they can also be a real trigger for planning your next expat adventure. What are some of your favourite views from across the world?

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  1. definitely the views from the coast of India ... and the views of pretty much anywhere in Italy !!


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