Friday, 30 July 2010

Expat romance

We touched briefly on the subject of romance in a previous blog post before, talking about the difficulties faced when things go wrong. Today, we thought we’d talk about the upbeat side of expat relationships, especially those of a romantic nature.

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Talking with a mutual friend who was thinking about moving to Spain, he told us that the first thing he googled was ‘Spanish chat up lines’. Surprising as this sounds, with the many priorities that springs to mind when moving abroad, finding love overseas is actually not that uncommon. With expats spending at least 5 years living and working abroad, why shouldn’t finding your other half be a priority?

For those who are already expats, there are actually a surprising number of sites dedicated to expat dating. Sites such as and are great places to start looking. Even if things don’t develop romantically, online dating sites are a great way of to expanding your network of friends and meeting people who are in the same boat as you. With one in five expats finding love overseas, perhaps finding “the one” is easier than you think!

We discovered this blog called 'All roads lead to Pecetto' on Italy Mag'sBlog of the Week”, a blog about Chelsea- an American girl who moved to Italy for love. Chelsea talked about some the reasons why she moved to Italy, the difficulties she found and how she is settling in her new environment in the feature.

Of course aside from work purposes, many people actually expatriate themselves to be with a loved one. We came across this site where three couples share their love stories and the barriers they faced when they moved halfway across the globe. It really goes to show that aside from employment contract ties or career prospects, people do consider moving in the name of love.

We thought we’d end the post of some of the most amusing chat up lines we found. Let us know ones that you found funny or one-line wonders!

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