Monday, 19 July 2010

The Expat Journey: The serious question of “What next?”

All too often, new expats get so caught up with the initial excitement of relocating, exploring their new surroundings and experiencing their new working environment, that we tend to forget about the question of “What next?” or “What happens five or even ten years down the line?”

Our 2009 Expat Explorer Survey found that one in five expats (20%) find love overseas. Along with the initial motivations to move, which may include better job prospects and the potential for better pay, the quality of family life is often not considered until the later stages of the expat experience, especially for
younger expats.

Thoughts about the quality of education and childcare may be the last of your priorities but with over half of expats spending more than five years away from home, it may be wise to keep these considerations at the back of your mind when assessing a potential employers’ offer.

Take a look at this
blog that we came across whilst looking at Business Degree Online’s Top 50 Expatriate Blogs about an American expat family living in New Zealand to get an alternative insight on the expat experience.

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