Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Countdown to 2012, a once in a lifetime expat experience

So it’s official, the Olympics are well and truly round the corner with just 2 years to wait until the opening ceremony. Preparation in London is well and truly underway, the stadium is coming along nicely, the new CrossRail infrastructure is on track and athletes from around the world are in the midst of their training regime and gearing up for one of the most important events of their lives.

The Olympics have provided us with some of the most memorable sporting achievements and been a spectacle for many fans from Steve Redgrave’s fifth gold in Sydney to the Beijing 2008 opening ceremony. The Olympic spirit really does take over the globe and for expats living in a host city it provides a once in a lifetime experience.

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For those expats living in London, 2012 promises to be a special year with opportunities to witness the games at close quarters. With London already one of the biggest expat capitals in the world, it should provide the perfect venue for a global celebration of athletic talent. Thankfully there are also a number of ways to get involved either through buying tickets or volunteering to be one of an army of “Games Makers” responsible for making the Games run smoothly. Being up close to the action with some of the world’s greatest athletes is something that only the Olympic Games can offer and surrounded by some of the most passionate fans on the planet should help create a truly unique atmosphere. As many expats living in South Africa will testify, living in a host nation at any major sporting event provides a fantastic opportunity to integrate with locals and soak up the accompanying carnival atmosphere.

Whilst many have debated how well the games can cope with the economic downturn and the extent of its lasting legacy what can’t be denied is that for the millions of fans across the globe it promises to be an exciting spectacle and as Olympic fever grips London here at Expat Explorer we’ll be counting down the days.

If any of our readers are looking to volunteer to become a “Games Maker” we’d love to hear all about your experiences so please do get in touch.

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