Thursday, 15 July 2010

Are expats getting younger?

Moving to work abroad has traditionally been seen as an opportunity for those in senior positions and high profile roles – predominantly due to the low number of entry or junior level positions for younger workers looking to move overseas.

But recent findings from ORC Worldwide, the global human resources management company, show that this trend is changing. The introduction of international graduate schemes and the ability for those with less work experience to take positions abroad means that expat opportunities are now much more achievable for young workers.

Siobhan Cummins, executive vice president at ORC Worldwide says “Traditionally, companies wanted to recruit mature British people into senior positions overseas. Now, it’s possible to become senior at a much younger age than may have been possible in the past. Many companies offer placements abroad on their graduate schemes, and know that providing opportunities overseas will build their reputation as good managers of young talent.”

Siobhan explains that the trend for hiring younger workers is a mutually beneficial experience – the company is able to take on someone less likely to have family ties and problems relocating, whilst younger people can benefit from the valuable skills they are then able to add to their CV.

So, where should young expats look to progress their career opportunities? David Reed at Expat Recruitment recommends younger workers should look into opportunities in UAE, North Africa and Egypt due to the large number of British companies within these countries but advises young Brits to move to America with caution. He says “America is much harder for young people to crack, as they have a totally different education system, which British qualifications don’t always match up with very well.”

We will soon be launching the next instalment of our Expat Explorer series, ‘Expat Economics’ which will highlight the best locations for those looking to move abroad for better career prospects and higher salaries as well as looking at which countries are most likely to attract people from different occupations. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the biggest influencers in your decision to move abroad, so get in touch!

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