Friday, 18 June 2010

Tokyo is the most expensive expat city

New research published by Employment Conditions Abroad (ECA), a global British outsourcer, has suggested that Tokyo is the most expensive expat city to live in. The report which surveyed the price of a basket of day-to-day goods and services for expats in over 390 locations found the top five priciest cities to be:
1. Tokyo (Japan)
2. Oslo (Norway)
3. Luanda (Angola)
4. Nagoya (Japan)
5. Yohama (Japan)

With 3 out of the top 5 cities based in Japan, the survey highlights how the growing strength of the yen has seriously increased the cost of living for international assignees in Japan. Does this represent a wider trend amongst the expat community where local fluctuations in currency really do impact everyday life?

As recently discussed on the Expat Explorer blog, many British expats living in Europe are now choosing to conduct their weekly shop online and delivered from the UK given the strength of the Euro. Perhaps more tellingly these findings paint a slightly different expat picture from the popular “living like kings” perspective. Have you had to change your lifestyle following changes in the strength of local currencies? Stay tuned for the results of the 2010 Expat Explorer survey which will hopefully shed further light on this interesting and important issue.

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