Monday, 14 June 2010

Singing Singapore's praises

Expats have given further evidence of their love for Singapore, with a piece out today from the New Straits Times.

Focusing on integration, the piece features several expats commenting how easy it is for them to live and work in Singapore, with the following cited as some of the best benefits:
  • Skilled workers with graduate degrees, professional qualifications or specialist skills are allowed to bring their families and are exempted from any monthly levies
  • Those earning more than S$1,800 are eligible to apply for permanent residency within six months of working in Singapore
  • Short application process of three - six months
In addition to the above, expats also say that Singapore is home to efficient public transport and a lower cost of living. The findings mirror our Expat Experience report that was released last year. Overall, Singapore placed 8th out of 26 countries when looking at both the ability to integrate and overall quality of life. In fact, it was among the top six countries of the report in terms of the high quality of utilities, entertainment and healthcare.

No doubt, Singapore has always been a well established location for expats worldwide and has seen a countless number either relocate on their own or - if they work for a multinational company - make a move through their existing role. In particular, expats with families have often remarked on its strengths and how it caters well to their lifestyle. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

It will be interesting to see how Singapore places this year in the Expat Explorer 2010 survey, which is due for release in the coming months. Will it retain its high standing or will other locations emerge as new contenders for this top 10 position? Only time will tell...

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  1. With foreign expats working and staying with us,we are much like an extended family and like a family affair ,it is definitely easier in borderless deal and undertaking. Having interacted with them on home ground,surely give us a better platform in venturing out one day doing businesses in their countries.
    Culture and habit difference of expats is one aspect.we need to adjust ourselves to accommodate them esp if we also consider skilled workers or lower management staff as expats.


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