Monday, 21 June 2010

How the World Cup is bringing the expat community together

As we fast approach the knock-out stages of the World Cup, it's great to see that expat communities across the globe are rallying around their teams as football fever steps up another notch.

What's particularly nice to see is how expats have also embraced their adopted country, like expat Kay Johnstone, who reveals in the Telegraph that although she has never been a strong football fan, her experience of South Africa and its enthusiasm for World Cup 2010 has been too hard to ignore. She says that it's "like Christmas every day, with everyone more friendly, more polite, more happy. There is a national pride that is almost tangible." She is also hoping that South Africa reach the final stages of the competition which is a great thing to see.

It can always be a bit difficult for expats that are not able to celebrate world sporting events in their own home country as they can feel like they are missing out. What it does mean, however, is that amongst this group you often find an even stronger sense of pride and community away from home, with many expat circles in their adopted country uniting together, heading down to a well-established meeting point and cheering on their team together. Take, for example, the Australian Times, which picked out some of the best places to watch the Australian football games if you're an Aussie expat living in London.

With many countries now looking at this week's games as make-or-break, it's very likely that we will once again see expat communities come together across hundreds of cities, all glued to that familiar little (or big) screen. The question is, where will you be watching your team's game and do you have any tips on where expats should go in your city/town?

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