Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Expat Explorer 2010 now closed… and all eyes on South Africa

The HSBC Bank International Expat Explorer survey for 2010 has now closed.

Early counts show it to be significantly bigger than last year’s and we’re sure we’ll be able to paint a fascinating picture of the expat population around the world. The response has been great and demonstrates that although individuals are spread across pretty much every area of the world the expat voice is strong. Thanks to all who took part and helped us get this far – and keep an eye out for the first report, Expat Economics, which we’re expecting to be able to publish in mid-summer.

Onto the next biggest thing happening this year, the World Cup kicks off in 3 days. Millions of people will be tuned into events in South Africa. The tournament has been the catalyst for serious levels of investment in the country’s infrastructure and entertainment facilities so that it can support the travelling fans of nations around the world. The next 5 weeks will be a real chance for the country to show what it is about as fans from all over the world fly in to take part.

The South Africa-based expats that we surveyed last year were already raving about the country and as a result it ranked above European countries and 6th overall in Expat Experience. The Telegraph recently ran an article looking at the legal and financial side of moving to South Africa as part of a series for Britons moving overseas. Whether you’re planning on visiting for the World Cup or considering a move yourself (or maybe the former leads to the latter…) the article is definitely worth a read.

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