Thursday, 3 June 2010

4 days left to have your say…

We’ve had an excellent response to Expat Explorer this year and it is already significantly bigger than last year’s. Our research teams are getting ready to crunch the results into revealing reports on life and money in the places you live around the world.

It’s great to see the expat community participating as a whole to such a large project and we’d like to thank everybody that has filled in the survey thus far! We’ve had a greater response from even more countries this year but there are a few where we still need a few more numbers to guarantee that they will be included in the final report rankings.

If you think you have an excellent quality of life where you live, or that your financial situation has much improved compared to before you moved, and you want this to be reflected in your country’s ranking, we would love to know. The countries from where it would be great to have a few more respondents are as follows:

· Bermuda

· Brazil

· Turkey

· Czech Republic

· Egypt

· Indonesia

· Italy

· Japan

· Malta

· New Zealand

· Oman

· Vietnam

We’re looking at exploring other themes this year besides just comparing countries, so if you live outside these places we still would like to hear from you. We’ve so far had people completing the survey from Congo to Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Sweden and even the Cook Islands – ever wondered what the lifestyle is like out there? Once published, the reports will be a great resource for you if you’ve ever wondered about making another (or your first) move abroad.

The survey takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and is open until the end of Sunday 6th June (GMT) so you’ve got 4 days left to have your say. Fill in the survey here and retweet to all your Twitter followers!

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