Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Where can you accelerate your career?

For many expats, career is an obvious driver of a move abroad. New markets and new opportunities often pave the way for higher salaries, greater challenges and enriching experiences.

Take India, for example, where according to the Business Standard, the automotive industry is perfect for expats who want to shift their career up a gear. The article says that expat CEOs of Indian automobile companies consider India "a lucrative assignment and a step to move up the corporate ladder". Many, including Ford India's President and Managing Director, GM India's CEO and Managing Director of Toyota's Indian subsidiary, all attest to the attraction of the country, using phrases such as "incredible" or "I would not want to be anywhere else in the world".

Clearly, career enhancing moves in international markets are there if you are willing to pursue them and for many expats, they do just that. Something we are looking at in the Expat Explorer 2010 survey (which is currently in its second week) is identifying where the job hotspots are and which locations can give expats the opportunity to grow their career. Which other countries provide similar opportunities to India? Traditionally (and before the global financial crisis) many expats flocked to London or New York, however we have seen this shift to the emerging markets in recent times, with the Middle East an obvious choice for vibrant lifestyles and new and rewarding challenges. Now, with China's increasing importance, an ever growing number of expats are choosing this country as their next location. Where is best for your career? Take part in Expat Explorer 2010 now.

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