Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Home country nostalgia

A blogger for Expat Telegraph recently gave her view on the “love/hate relationship” that she and many other British expats have with their home country, highlighting how the opportunity for a better life abroad is a one-way journey for most. She says that “it is more often than not those in dire economic circumstances or with family problems back home who are forced to return to Britain”, with the majority of Britons more than content with their lives in a new country and highly unlikely to consider a return home.

Anna Nicholas does, however, point out the effect of nostalgia for the home country amongst expats. Especially for those from a country so steeped in history and heritage as the UK, there may well be a strong feeling that an expat life is distancing you from your roots. For some this feeling will vary and it may or may not be a concern, but Anna points out that often a quick trip back home is enough to satisfy the urge to stay in touch with your original home, and in many cases make you appreciate your expat life all the more.

We asked you about the frequency of your visits back home and the amount of contact you have with friends and family back home last year, and we’re interested again this year. Do you prefer to keep your rose-tinted memories rose-tinted, or do you make an effort to update them? Expat Explorer 2010 is running for just over a week longer and you can let us know here

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