Friday, 21 May 2010

Guest Blogger Series: Introducing... Miriam Berger

We're featuring another guest expat blogger this Friday - Miriam Berger - which we were able to relate to. It's an interesting read:

Why I love being an Expat!

Tales of a travelling professional

Exploring the world while doing what you love most – who wouldn’t love being an expat?

I was exposed to the world of working while travelling early on in my marketing career. About a year after I started working professionally in Canada, I was given a role that required me to spend about 2-3 weeks per month in California – this amazing experience lasted about a year. Needless to say, even though my apartment was in Toronto most of my life was spent in hotels across the state.

After that first experience, I knew I was hooked. In 2006, I made the move from the big city to a small island – going from Toronto to Jersey (Channel Islands, UK). I’ve never looked back!
The people I’ve met, the cultural challenges I’ve endured and the career opportunities I’ve had, all form the reason of why I love being an expat.

Living and working on an island with a population of fewer than 100,000, was a life changing experience for me. I saw a different side to my profession – the reality that I could do what I love but not have to deal with long commutes or be attached to my phone. It made me realize how much I value simplicity in life and a good work/life balance.

Now, coming to Israel at the end of 2009, a place with a very different culture, work dynamic and even language, has extended my love for expat life even more. While looking for marketing work in Israel, I started to dread the day I would find a job as I would have to deal with the long commute on a daily basis. Those values I learned in Jersey resurfaced and I realized how important they were to me, even here in Israel. This “expat moment” was the main driver for me to stop looking for work and to put all my energy into continuing the development of my own business.

Being an expat has made me realize what’s important to me, proven that I’m adaptable to many different environments and shown me that my values can transcend borders. All really important life lessons – for me at least.

Sure – expat life isn’t easy – but I know deep in my heart that the challenges I encounter today will be the life lessons and stories I have to share in the future.

So, where’s my next expat adventure going to take me? – Who knows? That’s a part of the fun!

About the author

Miriam Berger is the Owner/Consultant of AppleCrisp Marketing Solutions. She has been a marketer since 2001, working for some of the largest organizations worldwide. A true expat at heart, Miriam is originally from Toronto, Canada and has worked across North America, the UK and now Israel. At the end of 2009, she made the move to the consulting world offering her marketing expertise to clients across international markets. In addition to her wide range of marketing projects, she is also the blogger behind Travelling Starfish - a travel blog with an expat edge!

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