Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Expat Info Desk

Another good and informative site out there on expat life in general and specific advice for those considering or having completed a move overseas is Expat Info Desk. It contains information about a range of cities in countries around the world contributed by expats that have spent time there. As evidenced by our Expat Explorer survey, we firmly believe that the expat perspective is quite unique and it takes an expat to really advise on what it is like relocating to an area.

The guides are presented in such a way that you can get an idea of the city just from the information on the website, with much more detail available in the city guides. The Expat Manual, available for free on the website, contains advice on everything from health to moving in with your partner and selling your property in your home country.

As well as providing practical advice and information, it is nice to know that there are approaches that others have taken before to perhaps overcome the same challenges or discover similar pleasures as an expat. An events calendar may prove useful should you be looking for networking events in your city, and their news feed and blog make for interesting reading.

Given our recent blog on life in the city, it is testament to the different urban and rural lifestyles that many more guides exist for popular expatriate city destinations than just general advice on a country. You may be one of those people that are simply drawn to the bright lights and ‘buzz’ of a city without knowing exactly what you’re getting yourself into. If you choose the countryside it may be because you know you exactly why this is an area that you want to be in – in other words, it is more of a considered choice. Would you tend to agree with this? Let us know!

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