Friday, 7 May 2010

The Expat Election Fallout

So the polling stations have closed, the votes have been counted through the night and after months of campaigning it looks like the first hung parliament since 1974 is now a reality. While the UK looks set for an uncomfortable couple of weeks as the ensuing details are sorted out, we’re asking what the impact will be for the expat community.

What is clear is that the economic impact predicted from the current election does seem very real. A recent survey from Currencies Direct highlights the fact that 41% of Spanish expats think the disarray at Downing Street will dent the pound regardless of who emerges as the eventual Prime Minister with a further 76% citing the economy as the most pressing issue.

Many expats have felt the impact of the credit crunch on their savings and pensions and with the Eurozone set for more economic turmoil this pain may well continue over the coming months. Understanding the best way to handle your finances whilst living abroad can be a tricky subject for many expats as many have to deal with managing money in different currencies and different jurisdictions. Is this something that sounds familiar to you? Take part in Expat Explorer 2010 today by visiting and share your views on expat life and the issues that matter to you.

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