Monday, 10 May 2010

Confidence returning in Dubai

Telegraph Expat blogger Annabel Kantaria, who writes the blog Desert Fox from Dubai, has written about how optimism is picking up again following a torrid couple of years for residents of Dubai. With house prices and employment back on the rise, the future is looking brighter, but Annabel highlights two factors that Dubai-based expats must continue to consider – namely the law and the fact that if you do end up without a job, it is difficult to stay in Dubai.

On the former point, recent high-profile legal cases at least mean that westerners no longer expect the authorities to turn a blind eye to transgressions – no matter how harmless a certain act is considered back home, expats must be aware that different countries carry different cultures and as such foreigners must respect these in turn. On the latter, individuals that had moved to Dubai for jobs and were left without them at the height of the financial crisis woke up to a very harsh reality of having to conclude their affairs in the country within 30 days, before their visa expired.

As Dubai begins a recovery many will remember lessons that were learnt the harsh way. Have any of our readers got first-hand experience or know of anybody based in Dubai who endured the financial crisis? Have your perceptions of the city, and of its societal institutions and culture, changed over the last couple of years? If you’re based there, even better to let us know your thoughts by filling in the Expat Explorer 2010 survey here.

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