Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Expats in the UK election

As many of you may know the UK government yesterday confirmed the general election date as the 6th May 2010. The race is now on between Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats and it looks like voting will be tight, with polls even suggesting a hung parliament, if one side does not gain enough of a majority over another to be declared outright winner of the election.

A recent article from the United Arab Emirates looked at poll results that suggested as few as 15 per cent of British expatriates living in the UAE may vote in the upcoming election. It is interesting to see how the distance from their homeland has caused a lack of interest in the political situation back home. We wonder if this is typical amongst expats, or reflective of the sentiment of either British expats, or the expat community in the UAE or Middle East.

We’d be interested to hear your views on politics in countries you no longer live in. Are you still eligible to vote in your home country and if so do you exercise this right? If you are British, what are your thoughts on the election and do you see any way that it will affect you, living abroad? Let us know by posting here or tweeting us @expatexplorer.

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