Friday, 9 April 2010

Expats face challenges in India

An article in Indian publication The Economic Times describes a recent survey’s findings that the country is the second most challenging location in the world for expats. China was first and Russia was third. The article describes how “these countries have emerged as the most challenging locations for expatriates due to the issues related to housing, schooling, immigration challenges and healthcare costs among others”.

These findings on China and Russia reflect the findings of our Expat Experience report which looked at lifestyle and found it generally to be poorer in emerging markets than in established markets.

On this blog we looked recently at a surge in expat recruitment in India, as the highly mobile flock to areas of economic growth and personal opportunity. It seems that they do this in the face of significant lifestyle challenges. Hopefully, we will be able to include India in this year’s survey and if the evidence is anything to go by, we should be able to see very interesting findings from the country. Make sure you are heard when the survey goes live!

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  1. Interesting that there's relatively little said about the cultural challenges facing expats working in India. In my experience these can be as problematic as any of the 'housekeeping' issues the article refers to.


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