Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The evolving expat life

There's no doubt that expats' lives around the world have been fundamentally shaped as a result of recent shifts in the global economy. It's also true to say that some have felt it far more than others. A recent Telegraph article reveals that indeed not all expats - and in this case British expats - lead a better life abroad. Although for many an expat life does bring its own rewards, it's clear that the impact of things like the recession has turned a number of expats' dreams into nightmares.

It's something we have touched on before but as the article says, the fall in the value of the pound has meant that some expats have lost "about 30 percent of their income", something that is not easy when their problems are compounded with rising food and fuel bills. In addition to currency fluctuations, job markets have also taken a battering, making finding work a much more difficult task.

Even as we now move into recovery mode, it is clear that expats around the world still face a number of challenges as they deal with changes to their own personal situations. A year on from Expat Explorer 2009, we are keen to find out how expats have fared over the past 12 months - what's changed and what hasn't? As an expat, how have you been affected? Are you still considering a move home or is your current country's economy strong enough to keep you where you are. Take part in Expat Explorer 2010 now by clicking here.

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