Friday, 23 April 2010

3 days until launch

At the start of next week we will be opening the HSBC Bank International Expat Explorer 2010 survey to you, the expat population. Some of the feedback we got last year was on why certain countries didn’t make it into the final reports – this was down to the fact that we didn’t have enough respondents from these locations to meet our statistical criteria. The more responses that we get from various countries, the more countries we can report on and the more comparisons we can make. Therefore make sure you not only fill in the report yourself but share it around with as many expats as possible!

Although we featured 26 countries in the reports last year and had some really interesting findings from these comparisons, we are really looking to expand further again this year. We’ve tweaked the survey on the basis of lots of the feedback we had so hopefully this year it will be even more insightful. We really appreciate your contribution in helping to make this project a success so check back here (or on the Expat Zone site) after the weekend.

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