Friday, 5 March 2010

Same game, expat rules

Expat Daily News recently posted an article on how some expats have difficulty playing their favourite sport in a different country, not because it is not popular there, but because the rules or style of play that they are used to differ so much from the local version that they just can’t adjust.

If the expat is from a more developed country than the one they are residing in, there may be a tendency for them to want to teach the locals the ‘real’ rules. However, as the article describes, ‘expat rules’ will not always go down well!

If you want to succeed with the locals it may require a little adapting and innovation, and while we’re talking about sport here it applies in a more general sense as well. It’s true that the ability to bring the best out of the fusion of two cultures and different ways of doing things is often what will make a successful expat.

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