Friday, 26 March 2010

Retirement Visas

New Zealand is about to introduce retirement visas for British people looking to spend their golden years in the country, allowing those aged 65 and over to apply for residency. The ‘temporary retirement visa’ will be available to those who have no existing relationship or connections with New Zealand. Until now, New Zealand did not accept British migrants over the age of 65. Expat Telegraph reported it here.

Such visas exist for other countries (such as New Zealand’s neighbour, Australia) already, and they depend on the person being able to make a designated investment of a certain value. It ensures that these countries with a desirable pace and quality of life are able to capitalise on this, with everyone who seeks to settle down and enjoy the lifestyle required to give something back.

Cathrine Burnett, who works for the migration agency Migration Matters, has suggested that the cost may be prohibitive for some, saying “I would suggest pensioners consider applying for the visitor visa, which allows you to spend six months of the year in New Zealand. I like to describe it as an endless summer - summer in the northern hemisphere, then summer in the southern hemisphere. It doesn’t sound bad to me.”

It doesn’t sound bad to us either!

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