Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Offshore Offspring out today

Today we publish the final report to be drawn from the 2009 Expat Explorer survey, titled Offshore Offspring.

If you’ve ever visited Australia and thought it would make for a good country to raise your children in, then we can tell you that the expats who took part in our survey tend to agree with you, ranking it top of our report. Singapore scored highly for education and safety, whereas Hong Kong scored well for the relatively low cost of child care and a low general cost of raising children. The UK, in a reflection of the Expat Experience report in which it fared badly for overall quality of life, again ranks poorly based on expense, quality of childcare and education and other factors such as difficult overall integration.

This report is a little shorter than the earlier two in the series, Expat Economics and Expat Experience, as we had a smaller number of expats who had children. Despite this, there is still a good spread of countries from different areas of the world and some interesting angles on each. You can view the report here.

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