Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Not all plain sailing

Becoming an expat can be more difficult than staying put in your home country for a variety of reasons, and overcoming these challenges is very much a part of the overall experience.

British newspaper The Times recently looked at how British expats living in Spain can be “stymied by the language barrier”, even noticing differences within Spain that can be highly confusing to those not familiar with the language. Usefully for those individuals, Spanish civil servants are to work at the British consulates in Malaga and Alicante to help expats integrate with their local neighbours.

This has become particularly important given that a lot of British expats in Spain are not registered with local authorities and have relied on income sourced from back at home. As the pound has fallen against the euro in the economic downturn, the value of these investments has reduced significantly and many are facing an uphill struggle to maintain their lifestyle.

As the Spanish authorities begin to crack down, many have had to learn more about the rules and regulations and look at integrating themselves more thoroughly. This ‘challenge’ of expat life can also be seen as an opportunity.

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