Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Living as a permanent resident in Singapore

Singapore is receiving more and more recognition internationally as an excellent place to live and work, with many people actively seeking out opportunities there rather than being sent by their employer.

The financial opportunities there can be great – as we discovered in Expat Economics, where it came in 6th overall, and was one of a number of high performing economies in the East. It also scored well for lifestyle in Expat Experience. An interesting blog on describes how the author, Yves Nolin, moved to Singapore “to fulfil his own personal ambitions”, opting to become a permanent resident under Singaporean law.

Yves has given his insight into the reasons for living there, as well as the challenges of life there. As the popularity of Singapore and other regions increases, people’s first hand experience is often fascinating in its own right as well as being useful for anyone considering a move.

As always, we welcome written contributions from readers of this blog. Additionally, you’ll soon be able to contribute in a wider sense when we launch the Expat Explorer survey in 2010. The launch date is fast approaching and we’d really appreciate your input in helping make it the largest survey of its kind for the third year in a row! More details will be following on this blog in the next few weeks.

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