Monday, 15 March 2010

Home politics

Expats relocate from their home country for many reasons – one of these may be directly or indirectly due to the political situation in their home country. Once distanced, it may be tempting to stay completely out of the affairs of the home state or on the other hand, a step back may actually improve the view of the political situation, allowing expats to keep an eye on developments and even inciting them to become more involved from their new home.

Recently, Iraqi expats in British Columbia were given the chance to participate in a landmark election that took place in their home country over the weekend. British political parties are gearing up for the general election this spring and this includes the Conservative Party reaching out for the expat vote, presumably hoping that those who left the country to emigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Europe will be interested in voting for a change in government back in the UK.

Obviously the political scene in these two countries is very different but the expat link is comparable. What do you think? Is it difficult for you to get interested in politics back home or are you now more engaged than ever? Is there a specific political event that is affecting you at the moment?

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