Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Expats in Spain march to protect their holiday homes

Hundreds of British expats in Malaga, Spain, have staged a protest against the Spanish government which has ruled that their holiday homes have been built illegally and is moving to demolish them.

The regional authority appears to be committed to rescinding planning permission granted by the previous councils, many of whom were corrupt. The owners, many of whom are pensioners, were granted permission by councils incorrectly or in many cases, were sold properties by dishonest private sellers who had had their planning permission previously revoked.

This case illustrates the importance of knowing the area you are moving to, especially when making big investments such as property. What was once a dream move could soon turn into a legal headache! This story has sparked an interesting debate amongst readers on the Daily Mail website, which can be read here. Have any of our readers found themselves caught up in this issue?

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