Monday, 22 February 2010

Retirement – a good or bad thing?

As an expat, do you consider where you will be in 5 years time, 10 years time, or when you think about retirement? While earlier in your career you may chase opportunity and excitement, your retirement destination will likely be the one where you feel most comfortable. Of course all that opportunity-chasing may lead you to somewhere like the South of France to live out the good life or it may be that you head back to your roots. How are you approaching the future and is expat retirement a goal in itself or just something to be put off for now?

If you’re looking to retire overseas it seems that you could do a lot worse than Canada. The country that topped the Expat Explorer lifestyle ranking has also been the subject of a recent report that revealed that 70 per cent of retirees living in Canada found the country to be everything they had hoped for. Shelter Offshore said that the country “offers beautiful natural landscapes, vibrant city life, a high standard of living and an excellent service infrastructure”. Not a bad set of conditions in which to live out your golden years!

However, there is a substantial dollar value attached to the lifestyle, and an expat needs to demonstrate a total net worth of at least 800,000 Canadian dollars (just shy of half a million pounds sterling) to the Canadian government before they will grant a retirement visa.

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