Thursday, 18 February 2010


An expat’s career is often high-intensity and demanding. For most just adjusting to a new job can be tricky, let alone adjusting to a new culture and social scene! If posted by an international firm, even communication with other offices and others within the firm will suddenly require much more effort, organisation and attention to detail. This is especially the case if you are moving into a position of significant responsibility or management, where your skills in not only adaptation but also dealing with new cultures will be tested to the limit.

Australian publication Business Review Weekly recently took a look at how expat managers face “an eternal struggle with their own headquarters”. It talks about the benefits of working in “the frontiers of the world economy” and the advantages this can grant you over those in the more-established offices.

It shows how being an expat in business means flying high, and staying high from a professional point of view long after the plane has landed.

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