Friday, 5 February 2010

Exposure to the global economy

The relative performance of international economies and fluctuating currency rates affect expats perhaps more so than most people. For most people, it can mean that going on holiday to a certain destination proves slightly better value or more expensive. For expats, it can mean shifts in the value of assets abroad, including property, or simply that the ratio of income to expenditure starts to change.

The British economy followed the rest of the major Western European economies out of recession last week although the announcement has done little to affect the fortunes of the sterling, with other factors such as politics and ongoing developments in the financial world having far more effect on currency rates.

Playing the currency markets is something that many expats look at in terms of investing. Savings and investments habits of expats was something we covered last year in our survey and we are looking to again explore this in 2010. If you have any suggestions on what else we should be looking at – as in if there are specific investment avenues that you take as an expat – please let us know by either posting here or sending suggestions to and we will be happy to try and include them!

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