Thursday, 25 February 2010

Expat foody confusion

Have any of you moving to a foreign country found the food a little hard to swallow at first? Especially in regions heavily influenced by a certain cuisine, some expats may find it difficult to find food that fits with their traditional palette. It may take a while to settle in this respect – by either finding where the good spots to eat are or getting accustomed to the local cuisine in general.

In Korea, a feature of an expat blogging community is the high number of food guides, written by residents, to help foreigners in the country. The country’s "often confusing" restaurant scene is laid out, complete with photography, in an innovative web site design together with lively reader forums. Korean publication JoongAng Daily recently looked in detail at this vibrant scene and has described it for those interested on its website.

It’s definitely worth a look if you’ve just moved to Korea or are thinking about it in the future. You may even find it useful if you’re after inspiration for cooking something a little different.

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