Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Your National Days

Today Australians around the world will have celebrated Australia Day and those from India will have celebrated Republic Day. Other upcoming national days include Pakistan Day and Waitangi Day (New Zealand), with other countries celebrating their National Days throughout the year – we’re sure that many expats have the respective dates earmarked on their calendars. As much as being an expat is about integrating into another culture and society, for many it is about bringing a part of your own identity and individuality into other circles in another part of the world.

How many of you have fond memories of celebrating your respective national day in another country? Send us your thoughts and photos so we can post on the blog to share with other expats around the world. We would love to hear of your own expat experiences!

Later this week Aussie expat living in London, Tim Mullen, will be posting here about his experiences of Australia Day in different hemispheres.

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