Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Expats and sports

An expat writer for ESPN, an American living in Abu Dhabi, recently wrote about how the time difference makes it difficult for him to follow the NFL season back in his home country. For anybody with a favourite sports team, moving abroad can make it difficult to watch the games and perhaps as a result you don’t follow your team’s fortunes as you would back at home. The more committed of you may change your schedule to watch games on TV, or track down the local sports bar where you can meet up with like-minded devotees.

On the other hand, there may be an alternative local team that you start to follow, or even a different sport altogether.

Does this affect your expat life?

With the Football World Cup being played in South Africa in June 2010, how many time zones are you going to have to allow for in following your team’s games? Fortunately for the team here, the time difference in the UK is only a couple of hours so the expats here can keep track relatively easily. Personally I’m hoping England can make up for missing out on the European Cup!

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