Thursday, 28 January 2010

Connecting expat stories

We mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and with the World Cup and other football/soccer tournaments popular events the world over, it seems a topic on which many expats can relate to one another, as well as their local friends and communities. We think it’s great that expats are connecting in this way.

Take for instance another blog we came across – The African Expat – which looks at the prospects for the World Cup in South Africa and also includes some handy tips for any of you actually looking at making the pilgrimage over there to watch the beautiful game.

For those not going, it’s going to be an interesting mix of early starts, midday games or middle-of-the-night viewing sessions as expats across the world tune in to support their local team.

We’re asking you on Twitter to tell us who you’re supporting in South Africa 2010 so send us messages and re-tweet ours!

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