Wednesday, 9 December 2009

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There has been some really interesting feedback to the Expat Experience survey in the past week or so since launch, particularly via our Twitter feed, and it is great to know that our research has reached so many people and given them something to think about. We just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who has read and commented on the story so far.

As you’d expect there has been a good deal of noise by expats living in Canada and Australia happy with their position at the top of the survey – and no doubt generally happy about their quality of life too!

‘Canada: The lifestyle choice’

‘Is Canada the best place in the world for expats to live?’ Shelter Offshore

‘Australia a top place to live’

We also wanted to extend our appreciation again to those that filled out the survey in the first place, without whom this would not have been possible. It would be interesting to know how many of you that completed the survey have since read the report(s) and whether you feel your contribution was in line with the overall findings or in contrast to them.

We are keen to have even more of you take part in next year’s survey so please keep checking back here to find details on how to participate in next year’s HSBC Expat Explorer!


  1. No doubt! Aus and Canada are proudly #1. Is it because they have the largest group of expats - perhaps just the most vocal group? Who knows, but at face-value, they deserve the accolades.

    Congrats to the Commonwealth! Well, part of it, anyway...UK was last place :)


  2. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the comment and you raise an interesting point on the Commonwealth too. We are really keen to get even more respondents for next year’s survey and are particularly hoping that we will be able to add some new countries too (such as the Czech Republic). Stay tuned for further details of Expat Explorer 2010 – it would be great for you to be involved.


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