Friday, 4 December 2009

Top 10 country rankings

The Expat Experience report compared quality of life for expats in the various countries around the world – over 26 in fact. The countries were ranked according to a series of criterion including quality of life, work/life balance, food, and of course, general lifestyle.

The top three positions for expats’ quality of life are occupied by Canada, Australia and Thailand. The aspects of Canada that propel it to the top of the rankings are the standard of accommodation, the ease of making local friends and the enjoyment of family life.

The highest quality of life in Europe is to be found in France, which comes 7th overall and unsurprisingly, the quality of food in France surpasses that in all other countries, helping it rise up the overall rankings. The best healthcare is also deemed to be in France.

The UK ranks first of all the countries for the quality of entertainment, and second for fashion, although it ranks bottom on a number of factors including as quality of healthcare and work/life balance.

Top 10 places to live:

1 Canada
2 Australia
3 Thailand
4 Singapore
5 Bahrain
6 South Africa
7 France
9 Spain
10 Hong Kong

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