Friday, 4 December 2009

If you want a good work/life balance, head to... Bahrain

The latest Expat Experience report has found that working experiences vary dramatically depending on which country people live in. Some places scored amazingly well in terms of work/life balance... but others scored incredibly poorly.

Bahrain and the Netherlands tied in offering its expat residents the greatest improvement in working hours, but it was the India and Hong Kong based expats that admitted they had the worst working hours.

More than half (53%) of expats living in the UK said that their morning commute had deteriorated since moving to this country, whereas just 15% of expats living in Australia complained about their daily commute

Not surprisingly, the report has revealed that there is a clear correlation between poor working hours and a decreased quality of family life. Over half of all expats moving to India (60%) and Hong Kong (52%) noted a worsening of their working hours created deterioration in the quality of their family life.

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