Monday, 7 December 2009

Australians have the world’s biggest homes

Quality of accommodation makes a large difference to overall quality of life and this is represented in the Expat Experience country rankings.

A recent study by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia looked at home size in locations around the world and interestingly found that Australia has recently overtaken the United States to boast the highest world average for house size, at 214.6 square metres. The United States now comes in second at 201.5 square metres.

Now this figure might not mean an awful lot by itself unless you are in real estate or own your own home. But when you compare to the average size in Britain – a paltry 76 square metres – it gives some insight into why expats living in the UK and responding to our survey find accommodation a particularly sore point, resulting in its position of 26th out of 26 countries for accommodation. Upon moving to the UK it appears you have to get used to a lot less space!

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