Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Home’s little pleasures

Helen Creeger recently blogged on Just Landed about the things that she misses from the UK. We all get excited when moving to another location and tend to focus on the new experiences, but there are always those things that we are used to back home that we suddenly find ourselves without. Of course, there are shops in many countries that specialise in the importing of products from other countries (for example Australia Shop in the West End, London, which imports the famous Aussie Tim Tam into the UK) and you may consider them a very valuable resource!

For every expat there will be a favourite thing from back home that just can’t be replaced in their new country. The question is do you go without or do you have tips on where to shop so that you can have a proper cup of tea, chicken salt on your chips or other home favourites? More importantly, despite a life without your home comforts, is expat life still better?

We’re trying to find your views on this via our Twitter poll – we’re hoping that the opportunities available to expats make up for the odd thing you miss from home but let us know either way!

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