Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Hannah Beecham on expat experiences

Please have a listen to a podcast from Hannah Beecham, the editor of the publication Expat Investor, where she discusses the report and its findings. Listen to it here.

Hannah has her own blog too - read it here.


  1. HSBC website: "As a specialist provider of offshore savings and wealth management for expatriates, of course we invited our customers to take part. But we also wanted a truly international snapshot of expat life. We contacted online communities and used expat social media sites to ensure as many different international expat groups were included."

    I think that this is a remarkably limited focus. By choosing their own customers and expats frequenting expat websites, the survey focuses on the wealthy and on those who "revel" in the expatratiatism. I've been an expat for 12½ years, and have only visited the local expat forum when I'm looking for an apartment! I can understand that getting their survey to the multitudes of expats like me who have no obvious profile is extremely difficult, but the effects on the survey should not be ignored.

  2. Hi Peter. Firstly, thanks for taking the time to comment on our blog. In an ideal world, we would of course be able to poll hundreds of thousands of thousands of expats from all over the world. It takes time to spread the word about Expat Explorer as widely as we would like and we are hoping that the success of this year’s poll will help reach out a broader range of the expat population who can share their views and opinions with us in next year’s survey.

    Keep checking the blog and follow us on for news of how you and other expats can get involved in the survey next year. In the meantime though, thanks again for your comment and if you have any thoughts on how we can improve the survey let us know and we will take them into consideration for next year.


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