Monday, 23 November 2009

Expat lifestyles to be revealed - Nov. 25th 2009

Good news guys, we’re about to lift the lid on expat lifestyles from around the world.

The latest instalment from the Expat Explorer report – Expat Experience - will be out on Wednesday 25th November... so come back and check out the findings. We’ll be revealing some intriguing expat lifestyles, so make sure you come and find out:

- Where you’re most likely to fall in love
- How many staff you can expect to have when you live in the Far East
- Where you’ll be able to afford the most luxurious of lifestyles
- How easy it is to integrate into the Gulf
- And finally, where you’ll be the expat equivalent of the social butterfly

Make sure you check out the survey before you relocate – the world’s largest and farthest-reaching expat survey can’t be wrong.

Keep a look out for our next round of podcasts. Hannah Beecham from Expat Money will be revealing all there is to know about living abroad.

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