Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Hannah Beecham on expat experiences

Please have a listen to a podcast from Hannah Beecham, the editor of the publication Expat Investor, where she discusses the report and its findings. Listen to it here.

Hannah has her own blog too - read it here.

Expat Experience results are live!

Hello expat world! The results are in for Expat Experience, and there’s some very interesting findings about some of the most popular expat destinations around the world. Canada is king for quality of life overall, although there are many other highlights, such as France being top for food and the UK being the best for entertainment. Check out the report!

Let us know what you think about the findings – is the UK as bad as some say for things like healthcare and accommodation? Does Canada have the best lifestyle and is Thailand the best place to find love?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Expat lifestyles to be revealed - Nov. 25th 2009

Good news guys, we’re about to lift the lid on expat lifestyles from around the world.

The latest instalment from the Expat Explorer report – Expat Experience - will be out on Wednesday 25th November... so come back and check out the findings. We’ll be revealing some intriguing expat lifestyles, so make sure you come and find out:

- Where you’re most likely to fall in love
- How many staff you can expect to have when you live in the Far East
- Where you’ll be able to afford the most luxurious of lifestyles
- How easy it is to integrate into the Gulf
- And finally, where you’ll be the expat equivalent of the social butterfly

Make sure you check out the survey before you relocate – the world’s largest and farthest-reaching expat survey can’t be wrong.

Keep a look out for our next round of podcasts. Hannah Beecham from Expat Money will be revealing all there is to know about living abroad.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Home’s little pleasures

Helen Creeger recently blogged on Just Landed about the things that she misses from the UK. We all get excited when moving to another location and tend to focus on the new experiences, but there are always those things that we are used to back home that we suddenly find ourselves without. Of course, there are shops in many countries that specialise in the importing of products from other countries (for example Australia Shop in the West End, London, which imports the famous Aussie Tim Tam into the UK) and you may consider them a very valuable resource!

For every expat there will be a favourite thing from back home that just can’t be replaced in their new country. The question is do you go without or do you have tips on where to shop so that you can have a proper cup of tea, chicken salt on your chips or other home favourites? More importantly, despite a life without your home comforts, is expat life still better?

We’re trying to find your views on this via our Twitter poll – we’re hoping that the opportunities available to expats make up for the odd thing you miss from home but let us know either way!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Visualising migration

For those of you that didn’t see this brilliant blog post on Just Landed last month, make sure you take a look. It contains a very interesting visual, mapping migration around the world, including international migration (in other words expatriates). It reveals that the majority of expats move around to countries that are in roughly the same category of development, with 37% of the world’s international migrants moving from developing to developed countries. The information is sourced through the latest Human Development Report for 2009, released by the United Nations Development programme.

Particularly interesting is how regions on the map are warped larger and smaller depending on the level of migration into and inside the region, meaning that suddenly the UK appears to almost outsize Australia!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Telegraph targets British expats abroad

Noticed a piece in Marketing Magazine this week about how the publication is looking to target British expats – through online and press advertising, sponsorship and partnership activity.

According to Marketing, The Telegraph hopes the push will promote the launch of a Best of British Awards, which will take place in April 2010. Readers of The Telegraph's world edition will be asked to nominate entrants in six categories, including British-themed pubs, restaurants and social clubs, with judges selecting winners at national and international levels.

Awards are a great way to engage with an audience, especially one so geographically diverse. It will be interesting to see how successful their campaign is, and how they’ll go about reaching those individuals.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Shelter Offshore explores the expat investment market

Noticed that Shelter Offshore has written about the 2009 Expat Explorer report and really interesting to see their insights into expat investment market, particularly their advice on the fact that one of the most important things for expats is to seek personalised and professional advice from an expatriate financial adviser. You can check out the story here.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Is life better as an expat? You decide

We want to know what you think on our latest twitter poll. As an expat, do you think your life is life better or worse now that you’re working abroad? We’d love to get not just your thoughts but also your friends and families perceptions on expat life.

We’d be really interested to hear any anecdotes or stories you have from your experiences living abroad. Share them with the world through our expat blog by posting comments at the end of this post – or, if you’d prefer, Tweet us @expatexplorer. We’ll be tweeting about this soon – please ReTweet and spread the word.



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