Thursday, 10 September 2009

Offshore offspring - do they miss out on a childhood?

Charles Bremner recently wrote an article for the Times stating that expats kids miss that sense of belonging, that sense of patriotism one acquires if you’re born and live in the same country all your life. But is that really true, or has he just seen this in his own kids once they’ve flown the nest? The blog comments seem to disagree, but it must be difficult for children to be uprooted every three years or so? Having to immerse themselves in new social groups, new cultures, and new lifestyles – especially in your teenage years.

HBIB’s recent expat survey revealed that the expat community is even more diverse than ever before. It also revealed that there’s a growing number of expats with kids, and its these kids, like James’ that are often the number one priority for expats when moving abroad. The report revealed that having children as an expat poses some difficult questions, not least over how minimise their education interruptions. But some believe that because their children have grown up in a variety of different places (on average up to three different countries), they grow up to be more well-rounded, world-savvy individuals.

The full report – Offshore Offspring – will be out later in 2009, where we’ll be revealing what some of the expats from around the world think about bringing up children in different countries. We’ll be revealing the pros and cons and discovering where its best to be if you’re worried about your kids in when living and working abroad. For those of who are expat parents with kids, do you have any insights or even if you were a child brought up abroad - what is life like for you now? We’d be interested to hear your views

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