Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Are economics a decisive factor?

Our recent Expat Explorer survey looked at where was best for expat finances. The UK scored down the ladder here and also was one of the countries to have the highest percentage of expat residents that were considering a move home.

There has been further news recently on France and Germany emerging from recession (link). What influence does the relatively grim economic news have for expats in this country? As our guest blogger Lo reflected below, we have observed from our surveys that there is far more that makes a popular expat destination than just how expat finances fare there.

Many people do choose a location for the financial benefit they get there, often meaning that they can afford a better lifestyle. As ‘international’ people, expats are well placed to value the qualities of the place in which they live. This is why, despite the shifting economic outlook, most expats appear to know how to make the most of where they live, and are making small adjustments to their spending and/or saving to weather the downturn rather than considering relocation.

Although the UK may be slower to emerge from the recession than some of its neighbours over the channel, there are increasingly more signs of recovery here too. Chances are that if you’ve weathered it this far, news of a longer downturn in the UK than in Europe wouldn’t be enough to make you go continental!

Look out for our next survey instalment – Expat Existence – which looks more closely at some of these other factors that affect expat lifestyle.

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