Thursday, 27 August 2009

Expats online

Expat Focus has recently, in their own words, “jumped on the Twitter bandwagon” and have put a list of their own favourite expat tweeters. We of course have our own Twitter page. We thought this would make for a great opportunity to highlight how the global nature of the internet makes it the perfect channel for expats to post their experiences and share them with one another! After all, expats around the world share one thing in common and I’m sure many have their favourite online sites, so let’s get everyone linked up!

Our recent Expat Economics survey ranked different countries according to how well expat finances fared there. Look out for the follow-up to this, Expat Existence, later this year, which will rank countries depending on how the expat lifestyle is rated there.

In advance of this, we encourage expats around the world to share their experiences and compare lifestyles! Who travels the most? Where are the best views? Who enjoys their work the most and where are the best nights out to be had? Blogging, tweeting and other use of the internet is the perfect way to show off the lifestyle highlights of your chosen residence.

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  1. I would love to twitter more about my experience in India, but I find I have too little time :( I do enjoy reading other blogs from folks currently living in India!


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