Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Guest Blogger Series: Introducing... Laurier Nicas

Hello everyone!

The results have been out for two weeks now and we’re getting great feedback from all around the globe. Thanks to everyone who has posted information about the results on their blog!

For this week, we’ll be having a guest blogger series from the real deal: expats! As people who participated in the survey, they will be giving their input on the results. Enjoy...


Hello! My name is Laurier Nicas and... I am an expat! I moved to London in 2006 and have been studying, living, working here ever since. My home is Leicester, Massachusetts, USA-- a small town west of Boston.

As someone who added my two cents and filled out the survey, I found the results to be incredibly interesting... especially the findings that expats in the UK are thinking about repatriating. Well, I’m just the opposite! Though I can completely understand that notion and the fact that the recession has affected job prospects and general income, it has just instilled in me a drive and need to survive in my new-found home. I’ve only been here 3 years-- I’m not ready to go just yet!

The credit crunch has affected the whole world, so expat or not, things are not easy. I think I’d rather be here, in the city that I love, and trying to make ends meet rather than giving it all up! Don’t get me wrong, Leicester... Boston... Massachusetts... the USA are all wonderful places, but London is where I’ve started to build my life.

So, yes... though I completely understand where my fellow UK expats are coming from, I urge them to hang on and stay tough. I plan to... despite the complexity of expat economics!

About the author

Laurier Nicas works as a Digital Consultant for Hill & Knowlton in London, UK

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