Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Expat Explorer Survey 2009: Results are in!

Good news, expats! The results from the 2009 Expat Explorer survey are in! In this video, Paul Say, Head of Marketing & Communications for HSBC Bank International, sits down to explain some insights and findings from the first report of the survey, Expat Economics.

There are lots of interesting results regarding the credit crunch and how expats are managing in the current economy, such as:

• US, Thailand and South Africa are the most affected expat locations
• Almost half of expats in UK considering returning home
• Emerging markets rank above established centres for expat finances
• UK is the worst for saving behind Spain and France
• Despite economic crisis, expats are wealthier and save more than in country of origin

If for some reason you cannot view the embedded clip, please visit the Expat Explorer 2009 YouTube page. You can also view all the results in the Expat Economics report on HSBC Offshore site.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Expat Money - an easy reference guide

Met with Hannah Beecham, author of Expat Money this week. Lovely person with loads of insight and experience as to what it is like to be an expat and how to manage your money when you live and work abroad.

She's done loads of stuff, including founding the Financial Times magazine The International, as well as edit Expat Investor & the offshore finance editor of the International Express. Check out her blog for more.

The great thing about her book is that it covers all the stuff you need to know as an expat from currency exchange basics to dealing with the tax authorities - home and away.

If you are interested to learn more go to her blog or check out amazon.



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