Sunday, 24 May 2009

Tweet, tweet, tweet

We've just broken 100 followers on Twitter.

It's surprised us all back in Jersey & got us scratching our heads - don't get me wrong, we are really pleased.

First thing that it reinforced is how connected expats are. We already know this but traditional forms of getting together - clubs, sports teams, interest groups etc have been supplemented by social media or web2.0. Sorry for the jargon - what I mean is online communities - because that is what they are.

Secondly, the technical literacy of expats is really high. Keeping connected, especially with friends and family across the world & in different time zones means that telephone conversations are prohibitive - for cost and practical reasons ! Thank you for coming to our aid Skype

So expats have to be innovative and test and trial online tools (stopped myself from saying web2.0 apps). But other stuff - such as sharing photos, experiences etc have seen groups emerge and expand on flickr, facebook & Twitter - there are numerous blogs out there too - just key expats or a variation into the search engine at Blogcatalog

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