Saturday, 30 May 2009

Expats: Keeping up business contacts in the downturn by using LinkedIn

Expats are feeling the pinch of the downturn as much as anyone. Stories of expatriate migration are common nowadays and therefore maintaining business contacts and networks is essential. It isn't always going to be like this - it will get better - and therefore maintaining business relationships is essential.

Expats are naturals at nurturing their personal and professional networks - they have to - and the web is making it even easier than before to do. Our 2008 survey, expat experience highlighted this very point. Digital tools such as skype and facebook were essential for keeping in touch.

I'm a big fan of LinkedIn & I came across this article on their blog on how to get the most out of the service. Its simple and obvious but really quite good and will help anyone - not just expatriates living and working abroad.

If you don't fancy reading the blog but prefer to sit back and watching a presentation, I found the attached presentation below on Slideshare. The title is a little aggressive but get past that as it has some great practical tips to get you started - or if you are a user already - grow your network.


  1. like the articles will drop back and keep reading life as a expat can be rewarding but can also be a nightmare without proper planing a long term plan is essential
    this blog and a few others should be read on a weekly basis before you decide to jump ship
    in udon thani Thailand there are a lot more expatiates then 10 years ago
    udon thani issan expat blog

  2. Thanks for your kind words, John!

    What you said in your comment was absolutely right, expatriate life can be very rewarding but proper planning is key! Expats have visas and international finances to worry about, amongst all the other things life throws at you. I would think that the more information a prospective expat absorbs, the better. Reading books, blogs, Twitter, forums... and just being fully prepared for expatriate life!


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